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Welcome to our  Web site! This is where you can learn more about us. Please check again for more updates.

This can' t be true?
That is what most people say if they hear about the various activities Kees Ampt has been engaged in during his life.

Such people don't exist!
May be they are right, but   ... so what.

If you need advice, go to a big company and you know at least for sure that the bill will be big as well. It is also risk-free, because nobody will blame you hiring such a reputed firm.

Although, well reputed? Suffering from short memory?

Asking a very small company is full of risk. You may get some suggestions which will really work. Often advice is asked as an excuse for not changing anything at all. A thick report, made by copy and paste by one of those conglomerates, full of juniors doing the work for the seniors, which are charged to you is in such situations the best approach.

Curious about our approach? Send an e-mail to keesampt

Several training courses have been given for international companies regarding MS Project, including the use of custom fields and adapting the Gantt charts. Not only courses and workshops but also real-life set-up and maintenance of project planning for time critical projects is a current activity.

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Nederlandse tekst
Born in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands and raised in the western part of Noord-Brabant, studied at Utrecht University, military services and next to the Randstad [the area between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague]

Subsequently 7 years at an international organization in Brussels [Belgium] and now back in the eastern part of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands.

Has been student-assistant at medical and physiological physics; teacher at the NBC [Nuclear, Biological, Chemical] School of the Royal Netherlands Army; Dr. Neher laboratory of the (then) Postal & Telecommunication Services [PTT]; concern staff job evaluation {involved in the set-up of job characteristics for IT-posts, integration Rijkspostspaarbank [Postal Savings Bank] & Postgiro [Postbank] and a lot more}
Ministry of Justice for organization structuring and (long-term) personnel planning.

Has been interested for many year in standardization [programming languages, also European, International and even ANSI X3J3. Still a member of the Netherlands Standardization Organization NEN Committee for Programming Languages, their Environments and System Software Interfaces]

Because of this experience to NATO Headquarters, Brussels, for Codification [the NATO Stock Number System] & Standardization, later Standardization Co-ordinator. Also IT projects]
After return to the Netherlands Independent Consultant.
Consultancy and advice in a very broad area [see elsewhere at this site]; in-company training and training-on-the-job [training initially via specialized institutes]
Quick-scans, also abroad, based on the very broad experience, are lately an important activity.

As volunteer involved in the activities of a parents’ association for special children, editor of a periodical, maintenance of websites, etc. Active in the alumni network of Utrecht University in the Southern part of the Netherlands.

Finished in 2007 a second university study, M Sc Computer Science & Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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